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01-23The Package and Delivery of Vcam Digital Signages
He sold out all the advertising machines from us. So He needs those machines in such a hurry.
01-21Clothing Fitting Mirror Support Changing by Swipping
interactive mirrors in shops that let you virtually try on different outfits, explore colours and patterns, and even order food.
01-21Houses Created by 3D printer
They may look like your average building sites, but these houses were created with nothing more than a 3D printer.
01-19Microsoft Releasing Nokia 215 Only for $29
The once legend NOKIA is back! everybody! The company Microsoft won't easily let go of the once so-famous brand NOKIA although the once legend has not really existed any more!
01-14China Digital Advertising
China already is the world’s third-largest advertising market, and it is poised nearly to double, reaching more than $70 billion by 2016.