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03-10Digital signage with a car charger built in!
Some customers need digital signages within a car charger is because, to protect environment and the running out of oil, more and more electric cars are rolling on the road!
03-09Environmental-friendly Tech: Bamboo charcoal fiber bicycle!
They look much alike the bicycles what we are using now, but they are totally different things. and they are completely made of recyclable materails.
03-05What does your dream house look like?
Since i was a kid, i had dreamed about how to decorate my future house. i dreamed it had to be of a big garden, snow white balcony, indoor swing, close to ocean, too many to list them all.
03-04An Introduction to Infrared Touch!
With great convenience and high responsiveness, touch screen function seems do no wrong and popular and more widely applied lately!
03-03The Internal PC for Vcam All-In-One Digital Signage
If you're still using the kinda plug and play, automatically read media material from USB drive or SD card, then, i'm sorry, you're totally OUT-OF-STYLE!