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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vcam Digital Signages
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                     Most Frequently Asked Questions about Vcam Digital Signages

                 Advertising Products can be complex, but knowing the basics can make it a lot simpler to navigate. To get you up to speed quick,

our panel of digital signage experts has answered some of the industry's most frequently asked questions.


1).Q:How often do I need to change content?

A:The frequency of content change will depend on your strategy, your business and your budget. A small retailer may need to change

content once a month as new products, promotions and other messaging changes. Whereas, an internal corporate communication

system may change daily or several times a day. Some digital players are a combination of static art and dynamic text pulled from

databases, social media or RSS feeds. But whatever the scope of your strategy, plan to refresh the content on a regular basis enough

to where your customers are not becoming bored with the messaging, rendering it ineffective. Give them what they want or what they

need and go beyond that to surprise and delight them. You may be able to create some simple content in house, but it's often best to

work with a professional designer or digital content provider to create media that will put your product, company or services in the best

light possible.


2).Q:What are the top 10 considerations when creating effective digital player content?


  1. Establish the type of network.
  2. Strategically plan with all stakeholders.
  3. Establish the objectives of the network.
  4. Conduct audience research.
  5. Analyze other potential media assets.
  6. Understand the relationship among national, regional and local messages.
  7. Map the visual, audio and text messages onto the screen.
  8. Create a network ID (brand).
  9. Create the content.
  10. Program the content according to refresh and dwell time.


3).Q:What network and content performance metrics should we be considering?

A:There are seven areas to consider:

  • Content
  • Relevancy
  • Interaction
  • Scheduling
  • Placement (display)
  • Refresh
  • Attraction

4).Q:What businesses are using kiosks?

A:Retail, hospitality (hotels and restaurants), transportation (i.e. - metro and rail, parking), travel (airlines, cruise ships, car rental),

banking and financial services, health care, gaming, government, education, etc. – virtually every segment of the public and

private sectors.


5).Q:Why are businesses using kiosks?

A:Many reasons, but to name a few: improve the customer experience, speed, order/information accuracy and timeliness,

and labor savings.


6).Q:What are the most popular applications?

A:Digital photography, product information, airline/hotel check-in, self-checkout, DVD rentals, quick-serve restaurant ordering,

bill payment and human resources (both for job applicants and for employee access).


7).Q:What is the benefit of using a kiosk for a consumer?

A:Many reasons, but to name a few: convenience, giving the consumer a sense of control and increased speed and order

accuracy. A growing number of consumers prefer to interact with a machine over a person.

8).Q:What kind of content can you show?


  • 1.Video: High-definition (HD/HDTV) video formats including 480p, 720p, and 1080i/p. Usually, these have strange names
  • like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
  • (H.264/AVC), AVI, Quicktime, and Windows Media (WMV).
  • 2.Animation: Flash 10
  • 3.Images: Standard web formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG
  • 4.Live TV from your cable box, satellite receiver, DVD player, antenna, etc.
  • 5.Websites and web pages
  • 6.Tickers and crawls using RSS or text feeds
  • 7.Calendars, clocks, and other widgets (you can create these right from EasyStart)

9).Q:Can you split or rotate the screen?

  • Sure, you can run content full screen, split the screen into zones, and rotate it for vertical/portrait mounting
  • Each zone can show any type of content, including multiple videos, Flash files, and tickers at once
  • Switch from zones to full screen mode on-the-fly to highlight your most important messages

10).Q:Can you turn the screen on and off automatically?

A:Yes, you can tell the Vcam machine system to turn the screen on in the morning, and then put it into sleep mode in the evening.

This prolongs the life of your screen and saves power, too.


11).Q:Does it work with wireless networks or cellular modems?

A:Yep, you can use WiFi or certain types of cellular modems. Just make sure you have your network name and passwords

handy during installation.


12).Q:What if you want to update your screens from another location?

A:If you want to update your screens from another location, you will probably need an Internet connection at the site where the

screens are installed. (There are some exceptions, like corporate networks that you can access from more than one place.)

In most cases, you should start by contacting your Internet service provider. Ask them if you have a "static IP address". If not,

you can either have them add that feature to your account, or sign up for a dynamic DNS service separately. Then, you will

need to enable "port forwarding" on your router. Don't worry, this process is easier than it sounds, and we can help you along

the way.


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