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FAQ about Digital Photo Frame/Album
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                         FAQ about Digital Photo Frame/Album 




       There is now a tendency that Vcam's Digital Photo Frame/Album is getting increasingly popular among many of our foreign buyers.

So i think it's necessary to write something about them, then, i came out the idea to share some FAQs about Digital Photo Frame you

guys might be interested.

        1).Q:I Want to buy about 100 pieces, but firist I want to try one. What do you think of my request?

        A:Welcome sample order.No need to worry about the small quantity.

        2).Q:Once an Indonesian buyer asked:"have you ever sold product to Indonesia before"?

        A:We've done business with many Asian buyers like India before, and of course including Indonesia. Actually,our business

partners have come from quite a few different continents, for example, North/South America, Africa, Oceania, Europe.

        3).Q:Do you give any discount ? 

        A:I'll surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.​ ​ 

        4).Q:what effort do you make to ensure that the goods are delivered to the right person?

        A:Sure I will ship it to the right person on condition you let us know your exact address​. The DHL shipper will call the receiver

when it arrives your city.

           5).Q:Can we call on skype?

           A:Yes, we can. What's more, there are many optional ways we can talk easily, such as e-mail, facebook, trademanager, linkedin,


          6).Q:I would like to ask you if it's possible to have my logo on the product.

           A:We hope you know that our company Vcam perfectly support customized logo service. But, we also hope you know that it's

an extra service,so a little bit extra service fee is needed.

           7).Q:Are you able to customize the enclosure designs suiting our needs?

            A:We've always tried to provide our buyers with customized services, if technically and resonable cost allowed.


           OK everybody, we hope thoes Q&As are useful for your reference. Once you've got any questions which are not included in the

information above,could you be very kind to leave us a message below to help us provide better service? You'll be highly appreciated.

thank you all! 


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