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Energetic Atmosphere of Vcam
Author :Taylor BowieRelease time :2014-11-4 9:48:39Source :Original

                                                                                                          Energetic Atmosphere of  Vcam


       Today, i'm gonna write something about the working atmosphere of Vcam, to help guys to know Vcam more specifically.Now, i'm

gonna start my essay from 2 aspects.


         1).Energetic Working Atmosphere.                      

        Unlike other normal companys, Vcam is both a technology and manufacture company,which means,it is both creative and industrial.

All Vcamers are open-minded and diligent. We are not strictly wear suit and tie for every working day, thus, presenting our own style of

dressing and outlook. Like many students hate school uniforms,we dislike suit and tie either, which is doll and less characteristic.We just

wear what we think comfortable. Flip flops are usually seen on many vcamers' feet. Only getting rid of unnecessary rules, can we work to

our best.

         2).Colorful off-work Entertainments.       


           Vcam has always been stressing one principle, that's, Finish all of your everyday work in 8 hours efficiently, Entertain yourself for the

rest of the day. So, Vcam's working office is especially furnitured with many kinds of sport facilities, such as, table tennis, billiards, badmi-

nton and so on. Authority statistic puts that, 60% of office workers are bound to be obese. Considering this horrible number, we vcamers

do noon exercise everyday to keep fit and try our best to reduse this seemingly-unavoidable obesity rate.


           From all above, we can see that Vcam is a loving and employee-considerate company, all vcamers are working for it, and most

importantly,they are so very happy to do that. Hope you guys like this essay.For more Vcam's latest information, welcome visit our of-

ficial website: where I will share new, interesting things with you guys every working day .Catcha later.


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